Finance of America Reverse – 2021 Marketing

10 Stars

We relaunched Finance of America Reverse’s 10 Star Employee Recognition program. All employees are mailed a gift box and invited to nominate outstanding colleagues on a microsite.

Unchosen Logo Concepts
Shipper Box

Borrower Welcome Box

To welcome and thank our new borrowers, we send them a gift box with important information. As one of our first physical touchpoints with our borrowers, we want this box to feel special.

Sales Club Invitations

We sent 100 invitations to each loan officer on our sales team inviting them each to join our exclusive sales training program. Each group had a custom monogram and frame design.

President’s Retreat Website

Every year, 100 outstanding Finance of America Reverse employees are chosen to attend the annual President’s Retreat. 2021’s destination is the Ritz-Carlton resort on Maui. We launched a website for attendees to register for event.

Sales Ebook

Email Campaigns

Series of emails for Finance of America’s various marketing campaigns.